Friday, August 7, 2009

Let the planning start...

So, it's August. This September is going to be a year of engagement for Kelby and I and we haven't planned anything!!!

Like I've mentioned before, getting engaged just a couple months before Prop. 8 in California's passing was such a blow to us and put a damper on things.

But now with some water under the bridge, we've been able to kind of start planning and are thinking about what we want to do.

We don't even know if we want a big, old fashioned, "white" wedding or something smaller and maybe more "cream."

We figured starting a list of people we want to invite will be a good place to start. We listed everyone we would love to invite in an ideal world where money was no option and then quickly realized that list was WAY too long. But, it made us start to see who we really want at our side to witness our special day.

So... we still don't have anything planned, but with this very soft guest list, we have like 0.5 things done. And that's a start.

I found this on one of my favorite sites for blank wedding invitations and thought I'd share. Who knew I could maybe use Craigslist to help with my wedding!