Saturday, October 18, 2008

Being Bi... (coastal that is)

Kelby and I moved to New York together two years ago this November from California. It's been such an amazing journey together. We had lived together in California for about two years, so living together in NY wasn't a big deal. Getting adjusted to no car, to snow, to the crowds, etc. was the hard part.

We had plenty of friends who already lived in New York which made life much easier. While having each other was very luckily, we had a small network of friends already set up, including my best friend from second grade Celeste.

And over the past two years we've built up an even larger network of friends, and friends of friends, whom we want to include in celebrating our wedding. BUT we also want our family there, and my family and Kelby's family all live in California. And we still have a number of friends who live in California.

So, while we haven't decided on anything official yet, we think we're going to do a bi-coastal wedding.

We'll have a ceremony in California (with or without prop 8) with our family and invite all of our NY friends (not really expecting many to come, since airfare is what it is, and my friends like myself are all poor) and do a small reception. This will be more like a family, intimate celebration. No dancing or crazy favors, just food, cake, and some catching up with relatives you see at funerals and, well... weddings.

Then fly back to NY and have the party part of the reception with all my NY friends (and invite whatever family and California friends who want to come.) We figure this way, everyone can get to be a part of it, without pressuring anyone to buy a plane ticket across the country and a hotel, if they can't afford it.

By doing this, we're also throwing two small parties as opposed to one large one. Which at least in my head is less expensive. We'll see... I have yet to pick up a phone and call anybody about prices... so... I'll have to keep you updated on that.

But now that I have a rough sketch of "plot points" I think we can now start to flesh out the plans, and get working on a date. (Something for Late Summer, Fall-ish next year.)

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Luis said...

Having two receptions is a really nice way of making sure all the people that are important to you feel included in your wedding, I just hope you don't go into sticker shock when you see what two parties might cost :)