Saturday, April 18, 2009

NYC... What is it about you?

Living in NYC is a different beast all together.

Example: I live only a few blocks from water but never see it, I never look to the sky and notice the stars. Of course star gazing in the city is next to impossible with the amount of light produced on every street lamp not to mention the illuminate skyscrapers that seem to light up the sky from the sky. When you look up you see Just black. Nothing.

Looking up to the heavens is also something most grown up people neglect to do. We forget what it's like to look up in to the sky and instead of seeing nothing, see endless possibilities.

I'm in the middle of nowhere West Virgina (which scares me to death) but being in the middle of nowhere I look up to the sky at night and for the first time in a while stars. and for some reason think about Kelby and Our endless possibilities together.

I miss Kelby a lot. I know It's only been a matter of weeks and what's a few weeks apart when we have a lifetime together. but I miss his laugh and waking up next to him.

Having this time apart (and this introspective star gazing moment) has given me an unexpectedly welcome new perspective into the nature of our relationship and this journey of marriage that we are going to take together.

I guess it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. And tonight ,since I can see them and he’s not here with me, I’m going to do like I did as a kid, and wish upon a star, (just like Fievel…)

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