Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gay Guy's Rant: V Neck Shirts in the Winter

("Gay Guy's Rant" is a new "feature" that I am stealing from my friend Celeste over at The Big Girl Blog as a break away from the topic of engaygment. Thanks Cece... and check her out if you get a chance. She's amazing!)

While I'm not what you may call the most fashion forward person, I definitely like to think I have a sense of style and a general idea of what is going on.

One of the most amazing and weird trends this past year was the deep cut V-neck shirt for men this past summer. It was there the previous summer, but only the daring, fashion risk taking gays who shopped in Chelsea boutiques. It wasn't until they were readily available for gay and metro sexual men en masse at chain stores like Gap, Abercrombie, American Apparel, etc. did the full impact of the Deep V-Neck shirt really attack gay/metrosexual America like a leech.

Now as a fashion trend, I'm not against the "scoop neck" shirt (as I call them) for men. (Full disclosure: I totally own a few.) But as New York City enters a terribly cold spell right now, I find it deeply troubling that so many gay men, choose to still don the scoop neck in the winter.

As of this writing, the temperature outside is 14°F. And I can bet that there are at least 100 gay men in this city wearing a scoop neck paired only with a pea coat and a scarf around their neck that, while it protects their neck, still leaves their stubbly, clipped chest hair exposed to the elements.

Why do people choose on wearing obviously summer items in the winter? Should scoop necks take the same route as white shoes after Labor Day? Definitely. And let me be the first one to officially say so.

Enjoy this diagram I found from the now defunct Radar Magazine showing the options of shirts men now have. (I loved this magazine, I'm so sad it's gone...)


N said...

I love the new feature! And that's a great diagram.

CeCe said...

Thanks for the shout out my dear... Excellent post!


Mark said...

Does that mean I shouldn't be showing my man cleavage?